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What a Beautiful Name!

18 Sep

“Hey, hey, you over there!”

“Hey, you, the one with the red dress”

“Hey, tall guy with green shirt”

Have you guys ever imagine what will the world be when every one doesn’t have a name. I guess the situation will be like what is  shown above. It’s confusing, right? When you don’t know how to call someone. Yeaah, I guess that is why NAME has a such important role in our life, so that people can differentiate one another.

Ooh by the way, my name is KARINA ALDILLA SORAYA. It’s a pretty name, isn’t it? Sure it’s pretty, cause the owner is pretty as well. hahahaha so sorry for complementing my self too much. Actually, I want to be called ‘Karin’ or ‘Dilla’, but instead, people call me ‘Nana’. It’s not pretty at all, and it’s an  easy name to be insulted. It’s just a simple 2 syllables word, but it can be added with any kind of augment. I’ve been through the time when people call me ‘Nana Iguana’, ‘Nana Celana’, ‘Nana Banana’, ‘Nana Dalem’. ooohh isn’t it irritating??

Anyway, speaking of name, no matter how pretty the name is, it’s nothing without meaning. My name also has meanings behind it. So, what is the meaning of this beautiful name (oohh I can’t stop complementing my name. Sorry). To find out more about this, I’ve been asking some of my family member, including my mom, dad, uncle, grandma, and aunty, to find out more about what is the meaning of my name. Well, the meaning is not that great actually, but it still have meaning though.

So, KARINA. The meaning of my first name is as simple as ‘Karunia Allah’. Ttteeerroorreett….it is not more than just an abbreviation (singkatan). Well, it still means that my parents and my family believed that I am the bounty from GOD.

Aldilla. Another abbreviation, and this time it’s ‘Alhamdulillah dia lahir’. embarrassing. Need I say more about this?!

Soraya. Ooohh I did hope that I had a good meaning for this one, but unfortunately, it’s even worse. Nobody knows the meaning of this part. This SORAYA part was given by my grandpa, and  it turned out that it’s that name of his favorite foreign actress.

I hate to say it, especially after I said that a name is nothing without meaning, but I gotta conclude the fact that my name is kinda…meaningLESS?? Whatever, it’s still a pretty name anyway, and I’ve grown up well without anything LESS.

Thank you for reading anyway. Especially Pak Apiq, who has been patiently reading this blog. hihihihihi spirit orange.